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Known rulers, in the History of Egypt, for the Fifteenth Dynasty.

The Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Dynasties of ancient Egypt are often combined under the group title, Second Intermediate Period.

The Fifteenth Dynasty of Egypt was the first Hyksos Dynasty, ruling from Avaris, without control of the entire land. The Hyksos preferred to stay in northern Egypt since they infiltrated from the north-east. The names and order of kings is uncertain. The Turin Kinglist indicates that there were six Hyksos kings, with an obscure Khamudi listed as the final king of the 15th Dynasty.[1] (line X.21 of the cited web link clearly provides this summary for the dynasty: "6 kings functioning 100+X years.") The surviving traces on the X figure appears to give the figure 8 which suggests that the summation should be read as 6 kings ruling 108 years. Some scholars have argued that there were two Apophis kings named Apepi I and Apepi II but this is primarily due to the fact that there are 2 known prenomens for this king: Awoserre and Aqenenre. However, the Danish Egyptologist Kim Ryholt maintains in his study of the Second Intermediate Period that these prenomens all refer to one man: Apepi I who ruled Egypt for 40+X years. (Ryholt:p.125) Apophis likely employed several different prenomens throughout various periods of his reign. This scenario is not unprecedented since later kings including the famous Ramesses II and Seti II are known to have used two different prenomens in their own reign. It is rather difficult to determine the order, length of reign, and identity of some of these kings, but the following names are believed to be of Hyksos kings, in some semblance of their actual, uncertain order.

Fifteenth Dynasty
Name Dates
Salitis 20 years, dates uncertain
Sakir-Har Named as an early Hyksos king on a door jamb found at Avaris. Regnal order uncertain.
Khyan c. 1620 BC
Apepi I c. 1580 BC to 1540 BC
Apepi II? c. 1550 BC to 1540 BC
Khamudi c. 1540 BC to 1534 BC


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