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The kings of the Twenty-second dynasty of Egypt were a series of Meshwesh Libyans who ruled from circa 943 BC until 720 BC. They had settled in Egypt since the Twentieth Dynasty. Manetho states that the dynasty originated at Bubastis, but the kings almost certainly ruled from Tanis, which was their capital and the city where their tombs have been excavated. This dynasty is part of the Third Intermediate Period.

Twenty-Second Dynasty
Name Comments Dates
Shoshenq I probably the bible's Shishaq 943 – 922 BC
Osorkon I 924 BC – 887 BC
Takelot I 887 BC – 874BC
Shoshenq II enjoyed an independent reign of 2 Years at Tanis according to Von Beckerath 874 BC – 872BC
Harsiese A an independent king at Thebes who ruled during Osorkon II and Takelot I's reign 880 BC – 860 BC
Osorkon II an ally of Israel who fought Shalmaneser III of Assyria at the Battle of Qarqar in 853 BC. 872 BC – 837 BC
Shoshenq III 837 BC – 798 BC
Shoshenq (IV)"quartus" not to be confused with Shoshenq VI – the original Shoshenq IV in publications before 1993 798 BC – 785 BC
Pami buried two Apis bulls in his reign 785 BC – 778 BC
Shoshenq V 778 BC – 740 BC
Osorkon IV ruled concurrently from the eastern Delta with Tefnakhte of Sais and Iuput II of Leontopolis 740 BC – 720 BC

Another king who may belong to this group is Tutkheperre Shoshenq, whose precise position in this dynasty is currently uncertain. The so-called Twenty-third Dynasty was an offshoot of this dynasty perhaps based in Upper Egypt, though there is much debate concerning this issue. All of its kings reigned in Middle and Upper Egypt including the Western Desert Oases.

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