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The Twenty-third Dynasty of ancient Egypt was a separate regime of Meshwesh Libyan Pharaohs, who ruled Upper Egypt during the Third Intermediate Period. Their seat of power was situated at Thebes.

Monuments from their kingship show that they controlled Upper Egypt in parallel with the Twenty-second Dynasty. The 23rd dynasty was founded by Takelot II, shortly before the death of Osorkon II. However, an earlier Theban rival king, Horsaiset, already established himself early during the reign of Osorkon II, foreshadowing the diverging 23rd dynasty.

Proto Twenty-Third Dynasty
Name Dates Comments
Hedjkheperre-Setepenamun Horsaiset 868-860 BC (8 years) An independent king at Thebes who ruled during the reign of Osorkon II.
Twenty-Third Dynasty
Name Dates Comments
Hedjkheperre-Setepenre Takelot II 840-814 BC (26 years) Previously thought to be a 22nd Dynasty pharaoh, he is now known to be the founder of the 23rd Dynasty.
Usermaatre-Setepenamun Padibastet I 829-804 BC (25 years) A rival king who seized Thebes from Takelot II. Allied with Iuput I in Lower Egypt.
Usermaatre-Meryamun Shoshenq VI 804-798 BC (6 years) Successor of Padibastet I. He was defeated and expelled from power by the High Priest Osorkon III in Year 39 of Shoshenq III.
Usermaatre-Setepenamun Osorkon III 796-768 BC (28 years) Son of Takelot II; recovered Thebes, then proclaimed himself king after the death of Shoshenq III.
Usermaatre-Setepenamun Takelot III 773-760 BC (13 years) Co-regent with his father Osorkon III for the first five years of his reign.
Usermaatre-Setepenamun Rudamun 760-757 BC (3 years) Younger son of Osorkon III and brother of Takelot III.
Hedjkheperre-Setepenre Shoshenq VII (?) 757-752 BC (at least 4 years?) Nomen unreadable, probably identical to Takelot II instead.


Shoshenq VIIRudamunTakelot IIIOsorkon IIIShoshenq VIPadibastet ITakelot IIHorsaiset (pharaoh)


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Further reading[]

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