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The Twenty-ninth Dynasty (399-379 BC) was a native Egyptian short-lived dynasty with their capital at Mendes. It was founded after the overthrow of Amenirdisu of Sais, the only Pharaoh of the 28th Dynasty, by Nayfaurud I in 398 BC, and disestablished upon the overthrow of Nayfaurud II in 379 BC.

Twenty-ninth Dynasty
Name Dates Comments
Baenre-Merynetjeru Nayfaurud I 399–393 BC (6 years) Defeated Amenirdisu of the 28th Dynasty in open battle and had him executed.
Khenemmaatre-Setepenkhnum Hagar 393–391 BC and 390–379 BC (13 years) Son of Nayfaurud I. Possibly dethroned by Pasherienmut for a year (391–390 BC), but re-established his kingship.
Userre-Setepenptah Pasherienmut 391–390 BC (1 year) Possibly dethroned Hagar for a year.
Nayfaurud II 379 BC (4 months) Son of Hagar. Was deposed and likely killed by Nectanebo I after ruling for only 4 months.
Twenty-ninth Dynasty (uncertain)
Name Dates Comments
Muthis Possibly 393 or 390 BC (±1 year) Existence and precise position in this dynasty remains highly doubtful. Only mentioned in Eusebius' epitome of Manetho's Aegyptiaca.


Nayfaurud IIHagarPasherienmutHagarNayfaurud I
Preceded by:
28th Dynasty
Late Period
29th Dynasty
Succeeded by:
30th Dynasty