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Mummies 317a and 317b were the infant daughters of the Eighteenth Dynasty Pharaoh Tutankhamun; their mother was likely his Queen Ankhesenamun, who has been tentatively identified as the mummy KV21a. They were buried in their father's tomb, which was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922. The mummy referred to as 317a is of a girl who was born prematurely at 5–6 months' gestation, and mummy 317b is that of a girl born at or near full term.[1] No names have been preserved for these children. These princesses represent the final generation of the Eighteenth Dynasty.



Inner and outer sarcophagi from KV62 with mummies of Tutankhamun's children (317a above and 317b below).


Death Mask of 317a.

The mummies were found in a plain wooden box in the north-eastern corner of the Treasury. The lid had been removed in antiquity by robbers. The anthropoid coffins were placed side by side, head to toe. Chips had been taken off the foot of the coffin of 317b to fit it into the box.[2] Both mummies were contained within two nested wooden coffins: the outer coffin was covered in black resin, with gilded bands that name the deceased only as 'the Osiris'; the inner coffins were covered in gold foil. Bands of linen with mud seals of the jackal over nine bound captives sealed the outer coffins. The lid of the outer coffin was attached to the base by eight tenons.[3]


DNA analysis was conducted as part of the Tutankhamun Family Project and although only partial matches were obtained, it was enough to conclude that both mummies were the children of Tutankhamun. Only a partial DNA profile was able to be obtained from the KV21a mummy, but it suggests that she was the mother of the two children. However, the results were not statistically significant enough to be confirmed.[4]


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