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Ancient Egyptian: Abdju
Great Temple of Abydos

Façade of the Great temple of Seti I.©

Location el-Araba el-Madfuna
Coordinates 26°11′06″N 31°55′08″E
Region Upper Egypt
Nome Ta-Wer
Main deities Osiris
Monuments Great temple of Abydos,

Abydos (Egyptian: ꜣbḏw, modern: el-Araba el-Madfuna) is an Ancient Egyptian city on the west bank of the Nile, located in Upper Egypt. For the most part of ancient Egyptian history Abydos functioned as the provincial capital city of Ta-Wer, the eighth nome of Upper Egypt. However, during the unification of Egypt and the following Early Dynastic Period it ceded its political rank to Thinis.[1]

Notable Artifacts Discovered[]


The Osireion at Abydos.


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