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ỉꜥḥ-ms mry.t-ỉmn
"Born of the Moon, Beloved of Amun"

Mummy of princess Ahmose-Meritamen (Smith 1912).

Dynasty 17th Dynasty
18th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Tao II
Ahmose II
Amenhotep I (?)
Titles King's Daughter
King's Sister
Father Tao II
Burial TT320 (reburial)
Not to be confused with Ahmose-Meritamen (queen).
For other pages by this name, see Ahmose or Meritamen.

Ahmose-Meritamen (transliteration: ỉꜥḥ-ms mry.t-ỉmn, meaning: "Born of the Moon, Beloved of Amun") or simply Meritamen was an ancient Egyptian Princess of the late Seventeenth Dynasty during the Second Intermediate Period. She lived into the early Eighteenth Dynasty of the New Kingdom.


Ahmose-Meritamen is known to have held the titles; King's Daughter (zꜣt-nsw) and King's Sister (snt-nsw).[1]


Ahmose-Meritamen was probably a daughter of Pharaoh Tao II. The identity of her mother remains unknown. She might have married her half-brother Pharaoh Ahmose II, but she is not attested with the title King's Wife. Meritamen was the (half-)sister of Pharaoh Ahmose II, Pharaoh Kamose, and Queen and God's Wife of Amun Ahmose-Nefertari.



The mummy of princess Ahmose-Meritamen (Smith 1912).

Ahmose-Meritamen's original tomb remians unknown. Her mummy was reburied in the royal cache at Deir el-Bahari and discovered in 1881.[1] The mummy was moved to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.


The examination of her mummy by Grafton Elliot Smith shows that the remains are those of an old woman who was relatively short in stature. She suffered a head wound prior to her death which has the characteristics of wound sustained when falling backwards. The body was also badly damaged by tomb robbers.[2] Modern CT-scans suggest that she died in her 40s, possibly due to heart disease; as she had "blockages in five major arteries, including those that supply blood to the brain and heart".[3]


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