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ỉꜤḥ-ms zꜢ-ỉbꜤnꜤ
"Born of the Moon, Son of Ebana"

Ahmose-Siebana depicted in his EK5 tomb at El Kab.©

Dynasty 17th and 18th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Ahmose IIThutmose I
Titles Admiral
Commander of the Troops
Father Baba
Mother Ebana
Burial EK5
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Ahmose-Siebana (transliteration: ỉꜤḥ-ms zꜢ-ỉbꜤnꜤ, meaning: "Born of the Moon, Son of Ebana") was an ancient Egyptian military official of the late Seventeenth and early Eighteenth Dynasty at the transition from the Second Intermediate Period to the New Kingdom.


Ahmose-Siebana served as a troop commander under Pharaoh Ahmose II during the expulsion of the Hyksos.[1]

During the reign of Thutmose I, Ahmose participated in a naval campaign against Nubian tribes in the Nile valley and was appointed Chief of the King's Navy. He also followed Thutmose I on a campaign against Naharin all the way to the Euphrates river.

During his many battles he severed numerous hands of his enemies after battle and attached them to a rope-coil. He was rewarded with slaves and land for the amount of people he killed. This is all mentioned in his tomb biography.[2]


He was eventually buried in his EK5 rock-cut tomb at the necropolis of his hometown Eileithyiaspolis (modern El Kab). The walls of his tomb read:

I have grown old,
I have reached old age,
Favored as before and loved (by my Lord).
I now [rest] in the tomb I myself made.[1]


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