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"Amun is in Front"
Dynasty 18th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Thutmose IV
Titles King's Son
Father Thutmose IV
Burial KV43
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Amenemhat (transliteration: ỉmn-m-ḥt, meaning: "Amun is in Front") was an ancient Egyptian Prince of the Eighteenth Dynasty during the New Kingdom.


Amenemhat was the son of Pharaoh Thutmose IV.[1] The identity of his mother remains unknown. He was a (half-)brother of Pharaoh Amenhotep III.


Amenemhat is depicted in TT64, which is the tomb of the Royal Tutors Heqareshu and his son Heqaerneheh.[1] In the tomb, the latter is shown with the King's son Amenhotep, who would later become Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Behind Heqaerneheh six royal princes are depicted, with Amenemhat being one of them.[2]

Death and Burial[]

Amenemhat died young and was likely buried in KV43, his father's rock-cut tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Thutmose IV himself and a sister called Tentamun were also interred in the tomb.[1]

The unwrapped mummy of a young boy was discovered against the wall in Chamber Jd, which contained masses of broken faience vessels and shabti. This mummy likely belongs to prince Amenemhat, whose canopic jars were found in the tomb.[1]


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