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"Amun is in the Broad Hall"
Dynasty 18th Dynasty
Burial QV8
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Amenemweskhet (transliteration: ỉmn-m-wsḫt, meaning: "Amun is in the Broad Hall") was an ancient Egyptian high official and possibly even a royal individual of the Eighteenth Dynasty during the New Kingdom. Their sex and connection to the royal family remains unknown.


Amenemweskhet is merely known from their burial in the QV8 rock-cut tomb in the Valley of the Queens. They were interred with two other 18th Dynasty individuals; Prince Hori, and an anonymous princess labeled 18S.[1]

Possible identity[]

The High Priest of Amun under Thutmose IV called Amenemweskhet, who is merely known from a Konosso graffito,[2] might be identical to the individual of the same name buried in QV8. This would be in line with Thutmose IV granting burials at the royal necropolis to various high officials such as Maiherpri, Userhat and Amenemopet-Pairy, all of whom were interred in the Valley of the Kings.


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