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"One of Amun"
Dynasty 17th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) RahotepSobekemsaf I
Titles King's Son
Father Rahotep (?)
Mother Haankhes
Spouse(s) Sobekemheb
Burial Unknown

Ameni (transliteration: ỉmn-y, meaning: "One of Amun") was an ancient Egyptian Prince of the Seventeenth Dynasty during the Second Intermediate Period.

Ameni is known from his stela, which was found in Coptos and may be originally from Dendera; one half of it is in the Petrie Museum, the other is in the Pushkin Museum.[1] The stela mentions his mother, the King's Wife Haankhes, and his marriage to princess Sobekemheb, who is a daughter of Pharaoh Sobekemsaf I.[2]

The pharaoh, who is Ameni's father, is not specified on the stela. However, pharaoh Rahotep is mentioned on a bow of a king's son Ameni dedicated to "the service of Min in all his feasts" at Coptos.[3][4] This Ameni might have been identical to Haankhes' son, in which case his father was probably Rahotep.


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