Dynasty First Dynasty
Titles Priest


Burial Place

Amka's career seems to have begun with Djer, spanning the whole of Djet's reign and early through Den's reign when Egypt was ruled by Merneith. This has been established through seal impressions of him from tombs of Djer, Djet and Merneith.[1].

Throughout his career it linked with the administration of Royal Domains. Under Djer he managed domain of Ḥr-sḫnti-ḏw and held the title nbi and (Ḥri) nḫn(w). Under Djet he maintained the (Ḥri) nḫn(w) title though her no longer held the Nbi title. During Merneith's reign he regained the nbi role now written in its fuller form as Ḫrp nbi and also became a mortuary priest (Ḥm-k3[2]) (zḫnw-3ḫ[1]) and an administrator (ˤḏ-mr). He finished his career as District Administrator of the Ḥwt iḥw (a Nome in the western delta probably near Kom el-Hisn).[1]


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