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Previously: Amunherwenemef
Ultimately: Setherkhepeshef
"Amun is with his Strong Arm"

Prince Amunherkhepeshef (center) with his father (right) on a wall relief from the Temple of Abydos.

Dynasty 19th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Seti IRamesses II
Titles Crown Prince
King's Eldest Son
Commander of the Troops
Effective Confidant
Fanbearer on the King's Right Hand
Royal Scribe
Father Ramesses II
Mother Nefertari
Spouse(s) Nefertari
Issue Seti
Burial KV5
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Amunherkhepeshef (transliteration: ỉmn-ḥr-ḫpš.f, meaning: "Amun is with his Strong Arm") was an ancient Egyptian Crown Prince of the Nineteenth Dynasty during the New Kingdom.


Originally called Amunherwenemef ("Amun is with his Right Arm"), he changed his name to Amunherkhepeshef early in his father's reign.[1] Presumably due to being left-handed. He appears to have changed his name once again to Setherkhepeshef around Year 20 of Ramesses II.[1] Setherkhepeshef was formerly thought to be another son of Ramesses II. There is some speculation that he was known as Amunherkhepeshef in Upper Egypt and Setherkhepeshef in Lower Egypt.


Amunherkhepeshef was the eldest son of Ramesses II and Queen Nefertari. He was the first born son overall and intended heir. His younger brothers include Pareherwenemef, Meryre and Meryatum. The princesses Meritamen, Henuttawy and Nefertari were his sisters.[2]

Amunherkhepeshef is known from an ostracon to have had a wife named Nefertari, who is probably identical to his full-sister.[3] The ostracon also mentions that he had a son called Seti.



Prince Amunherkhepeshef at The Great Temple of Abu Simbel.

Amunherkhepeshef was born during the reign of his grand-father, Seti I. He was Crown Prince from Year 1 until his death in Year 25 of his father's reign.[4] He was present at the Battle of Kadesh and was involved in the correspondence with the Hittites after the peace treaty. After his death in Year 25 the next Crown Prince was his half-brother Ramesses, the eldest son of Queen Isetnofret I.


Amunherkhepeshef was buried in tomb KV5 in the Valley of the Kings, in a large tomb built for the sons of Ramesses II.

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