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Ancient Egyptian: Hir-we
Location el-Shaikh Ibada
Coordinates 27°48′27″N 30°52′48″E
Region Upper Egypt
Nome Wenet
Founder Hadrian
Founded 130 AD
Main deities Bes, Osiris-Antinous
Monuments Temple of Ramesses II

Antinoöpolis (Greek: Ἀντινόουπόλις) was an ancient Egyptian city on the east bank of the Nile in Middle Egypt that was founded in an area that was originally governed under the Hermopolite nome. However, Antinoöpolis later became the capital of the its own Antinoite nome. The city of Antinoöpolis was founded in October of 130 A.D. by Emperor Hadrian in honor of his deceased lover Antinous, who was deified.[1] A settlement existed on this site previous to the city's founding, however nearly every building was destroyed. The only building that seems to have survived was the temple built by Ramesses II built during the New Kingdom.[2] The city existed in the Hermopolite nome for around 140 years before the Antinoite nome was established around the year 276 A.D. This nome was created using a large part of the Eastern banks of the Nile from the Hermopolite nome.[1][3] It is located at the modern town of el-Shaikh Ibada (Arabic: الشيخ عبادة).

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