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Vergina Sun

The Vergina Sun or Argead Star, royal symbol of the Argead dynasty of the ancient kingdom of Macedonia.

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The Argead Dynasty was an ancient Macedonian royal house. Their tradition, as described in ancient Greek historiography, traced their origins to the city-state Argos, of Peloponnese in Southern Greece, hence the name Argeads.

Under Philip II, the kingdom of Macedonia gradually gained predominance throughout Greece. His son, Alexander III, first consolidated his power in Greece by putting down rebellions before his conquest of the Achaemenid Empire, expanding the Macedonian Empire as far as Egypt and India. Upon conquering Egypt from the Persians, Alexander ushered the Egyptians into the Hellenistic Period.

After Alexander's death and the extinction of the Argead royal house, the Macedonian Empire fragmented into separate kingdoms, which led to the Ptolemaic Dynasty coming to rule in Egypt.

Argead Dynasty
Name Dates Comments
Setepenre-Meryamun Alexander III "the Great" 332–323 BC (9 years) Macedon conquered Persia and Egypt.
Philip III Arrhidaeus 323–317 BC (6 years) Feeble-minded half-brother of Alexander the Great.
Haaibre-Setepenamun Alexander IV 317–309 BC (8 years) Son of Alexander III the Great and Roxana.


Alexander IVPhilip IIIAlexander the Great


Preceded by:
31st Dynasty
Hellenistic Period
Argead Dynasty
Succeeded by:
Ptolemaic Dynasty