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Ancient Egyptian: Hut-Waret
"House of the Region"
Location Tell el-Dab'a
Coordinates 30°47′14.7″N 31°49′16.9″E
Region Lower Egypt
Nome Amti-Pehut
Founder Amenemhat I (?)
Founded 20th century BCE
Main deities Set, Astarte
Monuments Temples of Set and Astarte,
Harbor of Avaris

Avaris (ancient Egyptian: ḥw.t-wꜥr.t, modern: Tell el-Dab'a) is an ancient Egyptian city in Lower Egypt, situated on the east bank of the Pelusiac branch of the Nile in the eastern Nile Delta. It became a popular town for Asiatic immigrants during the Second Intermediate Period and subsequently served as the capital city of the Canaanite Fourteenth Dynasty and the Hyksos Fifteenth Dynasty. Avaris probably also functioned as the provincial capital of Amti-Pehut, the nineteenth nome of Lower Egypt.


Ramesside Period[]

The Nineteenth Dynasty Pharaoh Ramesses II constructed a new capital city called Per-Ramesses roughly 2km to the north-east of Avaris. Subsequently Avaris, with its temples of Set and Astarte, as well as its harbor, got absorbed into Per-Ramesses as a suburban area.

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