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Alternative Spelling: Aya/Eje
Ay Brooklyn Statue

Limestone statue of Ay at the Brooklyn Museum, New York.©

Dynasty 18th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Ay
Horemheb (?)
Titles High Priest of Mut
Second Prophet of Amun
Steward of Queen Tey
Father Nakhtmin
Mother Mutemnub
Burial Unknown
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Ay (ancient Egyptian: ỉy) was a high official of the Eighteenth Dynasty during the New Kingdom.


On a statue currently in the Brooklyn Museum, Ay's titles are given. He held the positions of High Priest of Mut and Second Prophet of Amun at the Karnak temple complex in Thebes during the reign of Pharaoh Ay. He was also Steward of Queen Tey.[1]

Origins and Family[]

Ay is believed to have been from Panopolis (modern Akhmim). On the aforementioned statue in the Brooklyn Museum, Ay's parents are recorded as Nakhtmin and Mutemnub, sister of Queen Tey.[1] Ay was therefore Queen Tey's nephew. His father Nakhtmin, was High Priest of Min at the temple of Min at Panopolis and Overseer of the Works at Panopolis and the Karnak temple complex in Thebes during the reign of Pharaoh Ay.[2] Both father and son thus held important priestly positions at Karnak.


The whereabouts of Ay's tomb and mummy remain unknown.

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