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Beni Hasan (Arabic: بني حسن) is an ancient Egyptian necropolis on the east bank of the Nile. It is located approximately 20 kilometers (12 mi) to the south of modern-day Minya in the region known as Middle Egypt, the area between Asyut and Memphis. While there are some Old Kingdom burials at the site, it was primarily used during the Middle Kingdom.

List of tombs[]

Designation Owner Title(s) Period
BH2 Amenemhat Nomarch of Mahedj 12th Dynasty, Senusret I
BH3 Khnumhotep II Nomarch of Mahedj
BH4 Khnumhotep IV Nomarch of Mahedj Late 12th Dynasty
BH13 Khnumhotep Royal Scribe
BH14 Khnumhotep I Nomarch of Mahedj 12th Dynasty, Amenemhat I
BH15 Baket III Nomarch of Mahedj 11th Dynasty, Mentuhotep II
BH17 Khety Nomarch of Mahedj Late 11th and early 12th Dynasty,
Mentuhotep II and Amenemhat I
BH21 Nakhte Nomarch of Mahedj 12th Dynasty
BH23 Netjernakhte Overseer of the Eastern Desert 12th Dynasty
BH27 Ramushenti Nomarch of Mahedj 11th Dynasty
BH29 Baket I Nomarch of Mahedj 11th Dynasty
BH33 Baket II Nomarch of Mahedj 11th Dynasty