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Berenice I
Koine Greek: Βερενίκη
Romanized: Berenike
Latin: Berenice
Dynasty Ptolemaic Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Ptolemy I and Ptolemy II
Titles King's Great Wife
King's Mother
Father Magas
Mother Antigone
Spouse(s) Philip, Ptolemy I
Issue Magas, Antigone, Theoxena,
Arsinoë II, Philotera, Ptolemy II
Born c. 340 BC, Macedonia
Died between 279 and 268 BC, Egypt
Burial Unknown
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Berenice I (Koine Greek: Βερενίκη, c. 340 BC – between 279 and 268 BC) was Queen of Egypt by marriage to Ptolemy II of the Ptolemaic Dynasty during the Hellenistic Period. She was born into Macedonian nobility.

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