Bintanath is the firstborn daughter of Ramesses II and great royal wife Isetnofret.She became later a great royal wife to her father Ramesses II along with her half sister Meritamen by her stepmother Nefertari.The titles she held as queen are hereditary princess,mistress of upper and lower Egypt,king's daughter,great king's wife,lady of the two lands,the great first one,and eventually King's sister.King's sister came to be one of her titles when her brother Merneptah became Pharaoh.she eventually had a daughter.Bintanath daughter appears in the paintings in her tomb in the Valley of the Queens.She is one of Ramesses II's children that outlived Ramesses II himself.Bintanath became great royal wife around year 25 of Ramesses II's reign.

Ramesses II(Father/husband)


Meritamen(half sister)

Amun-her-khepsef(half brother)

Nefertari(step mother)
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