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Palermo Stone

Palermo Stone

The Cairo Annal Stone is part of a series of fragments which show the year by year reign of a Pharaoh, created in the 5th Dynasty to record Egypt's earliest kings though it excludes Merneith.[1]

Cairo Annal Stone[]

Palermo Stone[]

Known sections of the stone say:

Top Section

Second Line

  • Appearance of the King of Upper Egypt.[4]

Third Line

  • Appearance of the King of Lower Egypt. (Ḫˤt-bity) (Another theory for the Narmer Palette is that this is the event portrayed on its surface.[4]


  • Appearances of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, which is possibly shown on a the tablet of King Den with double crown sat on a single dais.[4]
  • Merneith is attested as the mother of Den.[1][2]


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