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Preceded by:
Ptolemy XII
Pharaoh of Egypt
Ptolemaic Dynasty
Succeeded by:
Berenice IV
Cleopatra V Tryphaina I
Koine Greek: Κλεοπάτρα Τρύφαινα
Romanized: Kleopatra Tryphaina
Latin: Cleopatra Tryphaena
79–69 BC (possibly also 58–57 BC)
Father Ptolemy IX or X
Mother Cleopatra IV or Berenice III
Consort(s) Ptolemy XII
Issue Berenice IV, Cleopatra VI (?), Cleopatra VII (?),
Arsinoë IV (?), Ptolemy XIII (?), Ptolemy XIV (?)
Born 95 BC
Died c. 68 BC or 57 BC
Burial Unknown
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Cleopatra V Tryphaina I (Koine Greek: Κλεοπάτρα Τρύφαινα, "Cleopatra the Delicate") was a queen-regent of the Ptolemaic Dynasty during the Hellenistic Period. She co-ruled with her husband, Ptolemy XII, from 79 to 69 BCE. Her only known child is Berenice IV, but she was also probably the mother of Cleopatra VII. It is unclear if she died around the time of Cleopatra VII's birth in 69 BC, or if she was identical to Cleopatra VI who co-ruled Ptolemaic Egypt with Berenice IV from 58 to 57 BCE during the political exile of Ptolemy XII to Rome.

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