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Commander of the Troops (ancient Egyptian: ḥry-pḏt) was an ancient Egyptian high ranking military title. The title could be held by multiple individuals and usually referred to a commanding officer in charge of an army division. Commanders were particularly skilled with bow and arrow and rode in chariots. Their divisions could include foot soldiers, archers and charioteers.

Commander of the Troops
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Military commanding offices[]

There were various military commanding offices in the Egyptian army. The highest title in the military was Great Overseer of the Army (i.e. generalissimo), which was not always in function since the Pharaoh could fulfill these duties himself. Below are the other Overseers of the Army (i.e. generals) and under them were the regular troop commanders.

Generals also held more specific titles; the Overseer of the Archery is specialized in commanding archers, the Overseer of the Chariotry (also First Charioteer of His Majesty) was specialized in commanding the chariotry, while the Admiral (also Chief of the King's Navy) was in charge of the navy sailors.

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