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Egyptian Chest with Writing Walters Art Museum

Egyptian Chest from Faiyum Oasis with with a Pharaoh presenting an offering to Sobek from Late-Ptolemaic to Early-Roman Period. This item is in the possession of the Walters Art Museum.

Location Medinet el-Faiyum
Coordinates 29.308374°N 30.844105°E
Region Upper Egypt
Nome Nehet-Pehut
Main deities Sobek

Crocodilopolis (ancient Egyptian: šd.t, modern: Medinet el-Faiyum) is an Ancient Egyptian city in the Faiyum Oasis, located in Upper Egypt. Crocodilopolis was the capital city of Nehet-Pehut, the twenty-first nome of Upper Egypt which comprises the entire oasis.

Sobek Cult Centre[]

Statue of Sobek Ashmolean

Statue of Sobek from Amenemhat III's mortuary temple in the Faiyum.

Crocodilopolis was the most significant centre of the cult of the crocodile god Sobek; the Faiyum Oasis had multiple temples dedicated to the god. The city worshipped a tamed sacred crocodile called, in Koine, Petsuchos, "the Son of Soukhos", that was adorned with gold and gem pendants. The Petsoukhos lived in a special temple pond and was fed by the priests with food provided by visitors. When Petsuchos died, it was replaced by another.

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