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Deir el-Gabrawi (Arabic: دير الجبراوي) is an ancient Egyptian necropolis on the east bank of the Nile. It is located directly east of the modern city of Manfalut, and approximately 20 kilometers (12 mi) to the north of modern-day Asyut, in the region known as Middle Egypt.

During the 6th Dynasty (late Old Kingdom), the powerful nomarchs of Tuph, the 12th nome of Upper Egypt, were buried at Deir el-Gabrawi. Some of these nomarchs controlled a large area extending from the 8th nome (Ta-Wer) to the 13th nome (Nedjefet-Khent) of Upper Egypt.

List of tombs[]

Designation Owner Title(s) Period
DG2 Nebhotep
DG8 Ibi Nomarch of Wadjet 6th Dynasty
DG12 Djau-Shemai Nomarch of Wadjet and Ta-Wer, Count, Royal Sealbearer, Sole Companion, Overseer of the Treasury, Overseer of the Granary, Overseer of the Fowls 6th Dynasty
DG14 Weha
DG16 Tekhyt King's Ornament
DG28 Senebsen
DG33 Merut
DG38 Nebib
DG39 Henqu-Kheteta Nomarch of Tuph, Count, Sole Companion, Royal Scribe
DG41 Nefertep-Wa (?)
DG42 Nefernef-Khetu
DG46 Isi-Rahem Royal Sealbearer, Sole Companion
DG67 Henqu Vizier, Nomarch of Tuph, Count, Sole Companion, Supreme Judge
DG72 Rahem-Isi Vizier, Nomarch of Wadjet, Count, Sole Companion, Supreme Judge, Overseer of the Priests
DG95 Kheteta Nomarch of Wadjet
DG? Djau Vizier, Nomarch of Wadjet (Queen Ankhnesmerire II was his sister) 6th Dynasty