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Tomb of Djehutynakht 7

Statuette of Djehutynakht

Djehutynakht, tentatively identified with either Djehutynakht IV or Djehutynakht V, was an ancient Egyptian "Overlord of the Hare nome" (the 15th nome of Upper Egypt) during the end of the 11th Dynasty or the early 12th Dynasty (21st-20th century BCE). He is well known for his painted outer sarcophagus located in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston along with other grave goods, such as 55 boat models.


Head of the Mummy of Djehutynakht

In 2018, the mummified head of Djehutynakht was analyzed for mitochondrial DNA (the DNA from his mother's side) in 2018. Two laboratories independently determined that he belonged to Eurasian mtDNA haplogroup U5b2b5.

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