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Preceded by:
Pharaoh of Egypt
1st Dynasty
Succeeded by:
Djet Stele
c. 2980 BC (10 years)
Consort(s) Merneith
Issue Den
Burial Tomb Z at Umm el-Qa'ab

Djet was a Pharaoh of the 1st Dynasty, also known as Uadji[1]. It is unsure who he may have been related to, a tentative connection being Merneith as she is the mother of Den so perhaps the son of Djet[2], it is also possible that she was his wife due to having a tomb that was indistinguishable from the kings most; perhaps because she ruled on behalf of Den it shows Djet reigned only for a short time meaning he died before Den was old enough to rule[3].

During his reign he is known to have founded the Royal Domain of W3ḏ-Ḥr which was later replaced during the reign of Merneith[4].

His tomb, Tomb Z, was previously thought to have been Saqqara Tomb S3504 as it was twice the size of Djet's but numerous sealings of Sekhemkasedj were found in the debris. His tomb also encompassed 174 subsidiary tombs[1]. Seals of the District Administrator Amka were also found in his tomb[4].

The tomb was designed with thick walls supporting a thinner wall retaining a mound of sand. Reconstructions have ranged from a low mound to a stepped Mastaba. Both though, as Flinders Petrie suggested and Dreyer confirmed would still have been below the desert surface; possibly concealed by a second roof. Dreyer suggests the hidden mound could therefore have represented the primeval mound ensuring resurrection. He also says the second mound would have been 1.5m high above his tomb, based on the fact that aside from stele something else would be needed to denote a Royal tomb. The wall of the mound in his tomb overlaps in the south west corner making a false-door corresponding to a niche in the tomb below, a precursor to the classic false door in later tombs[5].

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Pharaoh of Egypt
1st Dynasty