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"He who Adores his Mother"
Period of
? – Roman Period
Symbol(s) Jackal, ankh, stomach
Association Son of Horus, protection,
canopic jar, the east
Appearance Jackal
Father Horus

Duamutef was one of the Four Sons of Horus and a protection god of the canopic jars. Commonly he is said to be the son of the god Horus the Elder (Heru-ur) and the goddess Isis. There is another myth that describes Duamutef and his brothers as sons of Osiris. According to this myth they were born from a lily flower that arose from 


Statue of Duamutef, from tutankhamun's tomb

the primaeval ocean. The jackal (or possibly dog) is linked to Anubis and the act of embalming and also Wepwawet the "opener of the ways" who seeks out the paths of the dead.  


Duamutef, the jackal headed Son of Horus, protected the stomach of the deceased and in turn protected by the goddess Neith. It seems that his role was to worship the dead person, and his name means literally "he who worships his mother". In the Coffin Texts Horus calls upon him, "Come and worship my father N for me, just as you went that you might worship my mother Isis in your name Duamutef." Isis had a dual role. Not only was she the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus, but she was also the consort of Horus the Elder and thus the mother of the sons of Horus. This ambiguity is added to when Duamutef calls Osiris, rather than Horus his father, although kinship terms were used very loosely, and "father" can be used as "ancestor" and "son" as "descendant". In Spell 151 of Book of the Dead, Duamutef is given the following words to say: "I have come to rescue my father Osiris from his assailant ." The text does not make it clear who might assail Osiris, although there are two major candidates. The obvious one is Set, the murderer of Osiris. Somehow the son who worships his mother Isis is able to assist in overcoming Set. The other possibility is Apophis, the serpent demon who prevents the Sun's passage and thus the resurrection of Osiris. Either way, Duamutef through his worship of Isis has the power to protect the deceased from harm. Duamutef was also considered one of the four pillars of Shu, a rudder of heaven, and was associated with the east.

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