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El-Assasif (Arabic: العساسيف) is a necropolis on the West Bank at Thebes in Upper Egypt. It is considered part of the greater Theban Necropolis. The necropolis is located in the dry bay that leads up to Deir el-Bahari and south of the necropolis of Dra' Abu el-Naga'.

El-Assasif contains burials from the 18th, 22nd, 25th and 26th dynasties of ancient Egypt, covering the period c. 1550 to 525 BC across all three dynasties.

List of tombs[]

Here follows a list of tombs discovered at el-Assasif.


Designation Owner Title Period
TT25 Amenemheb High Priest of Khonsu[1] 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT26 Khnumemheb Overseer of the Treasury in the Ramesseum[1] 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT27 Shoshenq Chief Steward of the God's Wife of Amun, the Divine Adoratrice Ankhnesneferibre[1] 26th Dynasty
TT28 Hori Officer of the Estate of Amun[1] 20th Dynasty
TT32 Thutmose Chief Steward of Amun[1] 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT33 Pediamenopet Priest and Chief Lector Priest[1] 26th Dynasty
TT34 Mentuemhat Fourth Prophet of Amun, Mayor of Thebes[1] 25th Dynasty
TT35 Bakenkhonsu I High Priest of Amun[1] 20th Dynasty
TT36 Ibi Chief Steward of the "Adorer of the God"[1] 26th Dynasty
TT37 Harwa Chief Steward of the Divine Wife[1] 26th Dynasty
TT47 Userhat Overseer of the Royal Harem[1] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep III


Designation Owner Title Period
TT189 Djehutynakhte Chief of Carpenters and Goldworkers in the domain of Amun 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT190 Sebanebdjed God's Father, Priest at the Head of the King Late Period
TT191 Wahibrenebpehti Chamberlain of the Divine Adoratrice, Director of the festival 26th Dynasty, Psamtik I
TT192 Kharuef-Senaa Steward of Queen Tiye 18th Dynasty
TT193 Ptahemheb Official of the seal in the treasury in the domain of Amun
TT194 Tutemheb Overseer of marshland-dwellers in the domain of Amun, Scribe in the temple of Amun 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT195 Bakenamun Scribe of the Treasury in the domain of Amun
TT196 Padihorresnet Chief Steward of Amun Late Period
TT197 Padineith Chief Steward of the God's Wife of Amun, the Divine Adoratrice Ankhnesneferibre 26th Dynasty, Psamtik II


Designation Owner Title Period
TT209 Nisemro Overseer of the Stamp 25th Dynasty
TT240 Meru Overseer of the Sealbearers 11th Dynasty, Mentuhotep II
TT242 Wehibre Chamberlain of the God's Wife of Amun, the Divine Adoratrice Ankhnesneferibre 26th Dynasty
TT243 Pemu-Pahy Mayor of Thebes 26th Dynasty
TT244 Pakharu Overseer of the Carpenters at the domain of Amun
TT279 Pabasa Chief Steward of the Divine Adoratrice Nitocris I 26th Dynasty, Psamtik I
TT297 Amenemopet-Djehutynefer Overseer of the Fields, Counter of Grain of Amun 18th Dynasty


Designation Owner Title Period
TT364 Amenemheb Scribe of the Divine Offerings[2] 19th Dynasty
TT366 Djar King's Guard of the Inner Palace[2] 11th Dynasty
TT386 Intef Chancellor of the King of Lower Egypt, Overseer of the Soldiers[2] Middle Kingdom
TT387 Meryptah Royal Scribe of the Altar of the Lord of the Two Lands,[2] 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT388 Unknown[2] 26th Dynasty
TT389 Basa Chamberlain of Min, Priest, Mayor of Thebes[2] 26th Dynasty
TT390 Irtyrau Female Scribe, Chief Attendant of the Divine Adoratrice, Nitocris I[2] 26th Dynasty, Psamtik I
TT391 Karabasken (later usurped by Pedubast) Priest of Khonsuemwaset-Neferhotep, Fourth Prophet of Amun, Mayor of the City[2] 25th Dynasty


Designation Owner Title Period
TT404 Akhamenerau Chief Steward of the Divine Adoratrices Amenirdis I and Shepenupet II[2] 25th Dynasty
TT406 Piay Scribe of the Altar of the Lord of the Two Lands[2] 20th Dynasty
TT407 Bentenduanetjer Chamberlain of the Divine Adoratrice[2] 26th Dynasty
TT408 Bakenamun Head of Estate-Workers of Amun[2] 20th Dynasty
TT409 Simut-Kiki Accountant of Cattle of the Domain of Amun[3] 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT410 Mutirdis Chief Follower of the God's Priestess[2] 26th Dynasty
TT411 Psamtik Unknown[2]
TT412 Qenamun Royal Scribe[2]
TT413 Unas-Ankh Overseer of Upper Egypt[2]
TT414 Ankhhor Mayor of Memphis[2] 26th Dynasty
TT415 Amenhotep Chief Physician of Amun[2]

Other designation[]

Designation Owner Title Period
MMA 729 Neferkhawet and his family Royal Scribe, Treasurer and Keeper of the Documents in the House of the God's Wife Hatshepsut 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IThutmose III
MMA 1021 Amenemhat (his re-wrapped body was discovered near TT280)[4] King's Son 18th Dynasty

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