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El-Khokha (Arabic: الخوخه) is a necropolis on the West Bank at Thebes in Upper Egypt. It is considered part of the greater Theban Necropolis. The necropolis surrounds a hill and has five Old Kingdom tombs and over 50 tombs from the New Kingdom as as well as some from the First Intermediate Period and the Late Period.[1]

List of tombs[]

Here follows a list of tombs discovered at el-Khokha.


Designation Owner Title Period
TT39 Puimre Second Prophet of Amun[2] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT48 Amenemhat-Surer Chief Steward[2] 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep III
TT49 Neferhotep Chief Scribe of Amun[2] 18th Dynasty, Ay


Designation Owner Title Period
TT172 Mentiywi Royal Butler, Child of the Nursery[1] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IIIAmenhotep II
TT173 Khay Scribe of the Divine Offerings of the Gods of Thebes[1] 19th Dynasty
TT174 Aashakhet Priest in front of Mut[1] 20th Dynasty
TT175 Unknown[3] 18th Dynasty
TT176 Userhat Priest of Amun, clean of hands[1] 18th Dynasty
TT177 Amenemopet Scribe of Ma'at in the Ramesseum in the estate of Amun[1] 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT178 Kenro-Neferrenpet Scribe of the Treasury in the domain of Amun-Ra 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT179 Nebamun Counter of Grain in the Granary of Divine Offerings of Amun 18th Dynasty, Hatshepsut
TT180 Unknown 19th Dynasty
TT181 Ipuky and Nebamun King's Sculptor and King's Head Sculptor resp. Late 18th Dynasty
TT182 Amenemhat Scribe of Ma'at 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT183 Nebsumenu Chief Steward, Steward in the House of Ramesses II 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT184 Nefermenu Mayor of Thebes, Royal Scribe 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT185 Senioker Treasurer of the God, Hereditary Prince, Divine Chancellor First Intermediate Period
TT186 Ihy Mayor First Intermediate Period
TT187 Pakhihat Wab Priest of Amun 20th Dynasty
TT188 Parennefer Royal Butler clean of hands, Steward 18th Dynasty, Akhenaten
TT198 Riya Head of the Magazine of Amun in Karnak 20th Dynasty
TT199 Amenirneferu Overseer of the Storage 18th Dynasty
TT200 Dedi Governor of the deserts to the west of Thebes, Commander of the Troops of Pharaoh, 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IIIAmenhotep II


Designation Owner Title Period
TT201 Ra King's First Herald 18th Dynasty
TT202 Nakhtamun Priest of Ptah Lord of Thebes, Priest in front of Amun 19th Dynasty
TT203 Wennefer God's Father of Mut 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II
TT204 Nebanensu Sailor of the High Priest of Amun 18th Dynasty
TT205 Thutmose Royal Butler 18th Dynasty
TT206 Ipuemheb Scribe in the Place of Truth 20th Dynasty
TT207 Horemheb Scribe of the Divine Offerings of Amun 20th Dynasty
TT208 Roma God's Father of Amun-Ra 20th Dynasty
TT238 Neferweben Royal Butler clean of hands 18th Dynasty
TT245 Hori Scribe, Overseer of the Estate of the King's Great Wife 18th Dynasty
TT246 Senenre Scribe 18th Dynasty
TT247 Simut Counter of Cattle of Amun 18th Dynasty
TT248 Thutmose Maker of Offerings of Thutmose III 18th Dynasty
TT253 Khnummose Counter of Grain in the Granary of Amun 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep III
TT254 Mose (Amenmose) Scribe of the Treasury, Custodian of the Estate of Queen Tiye in the Domain of Amun Late 18th Dynasty
TT256 Nebenkemet Overseer of the Cabinet, Fanbearer on the King's Right Hand, Child of the Nursery 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep II
TT257 Neferhotep (usurped by Mahu) Counter of Grain of Amun (Deputy in the Ramesseum) 18th Dynasty Thutmose IIIAmenhotep III (usurped during the time of Ramesses II)
TT258 Menkheper Child of the Nursery, Royal Scribe of the House of the Royal Children 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IV
TT264 Ipy Overseer of the Cattle, Chief of the Lord of the Two Lands 19th Dynasty, Ramesses IIMerneptah
TT294 Amenhotep (usurped by Roma) Overseer of the Granary of Amun 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep III
TT295 Pairy-Thutmose Head of the Secrets in the Chest of Anubis, Sem Priest in the Good House, Embalmer 18th Dynasty, Thutmose IVAmenhotep III (?)
TT296 Nefersekheru Scribe of the Divine Offerings of All Gods, Officer of the Treasury 19th Dynasty, Ramesses II


Designation Owner Title Period
TT362 Paanemwaset Priest of Amun[4] 19th Dynasty
TT363 Paraemheb Overseer of the Singers of Amun[4] 19th Dynasty
TT365 Nefermenu Overseer of Wig-Makers of Amun in Karnak, Scribe of the Treasury of Amun[4] 18th Dynasty, Thutmose III
TT369 Khaemwaset High Priest of Ptah, Third Prophet of Amun[4] 19th Dynasty
TT370 Unknown Royal Scribe[4] 20th Dynasty
TT371 Unknown[4] 20th Dynasty
TT372 Amenkhau Overseer of the Carpenters of the Temple of Ramesses III[4] 20th Dynasty
TT373 Amenmessu Scribe of the Offering Altar of the Lord of the Two Lands[4] 20th Dynasty
TT374 Amenemopet Scribe of the Treasury in the Ramesseum[4] 19th Dynasty
TT392 Unknown 26th Dynasty
TT405 Khenti Nomarch[4] First Intermediate Period

Other designation[]

Designation Owner Title Period
B1 Mehehy Priest of Amun 20th Dynasty
B2 Neferuamen Priest at the fore Mid 18th Dynasty
B3 Hauf Late Period
MMA 832 Aaefenmut / Pakherkhonsu Unknown / Doorkeeper of Amun 22nd Dynasty / Late Period
MMA 834 Wesi 18th Dynasty

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