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A Fortress or fortified settlement is a military construction or building designed for the defence of territories in warfare, and is also used to establish rule in a region during peacetime. The term is derived from Latin fortis ("strong") and facere ("to make").

Defensive walls have often been necessary for cities to survive in an ever-changing world of invasion and conquest. The Ancient Egyptians built fortresses on the frontiers of the Nile Valley to protect against invaders from neighbouring territories, as well as circle-shaped mud brick walls around their cities. Many of the fortifications of the ancient world were built with mud brick, often leaving them no more than mounds of dirt for today's archaeologists.


Most Ancient Egyptian fortresses are located in Nubia along the Nile river at the southern border, with the Buhen fortress being the most famous. They were constructed during the Middle Kingdom.

In the north east, the fortified town of Sile (Tjaru in Egyptian) protected the border against Asiatic invaders.

Major cities like Memphis and Heliopolis were also fortified.

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