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The Gallatin Private Collection is a collection of Egyptian artifacts collected during the lifetime of Albert Gallatin.

The collection comprises of:

Amenhotep III statue, Gallatin Collection Amenhotep III Tomb Shabti, Gallatin Collection
Amenhotep III Statue. Amenhotep III Shabti from his tomb WV22.
Bone Statue of Monkey, Ptolemaic Period, Gallatin Collection Bust of Sesostris III, 12th Dynasty, Gallatin Collection
Bone Monkey Statue, Ptolemaic Period. Bust of Sesostris III.
Chantress of Anum Ese, 26th Dynasty, Galatin Collection Early Twelfth Dynasty Pharaoh bust, Gallatin Collection
Chantress of Amun, Iset. Twelfth Dynasty Pharaoh bust.
Gallatin Bust, Dier el-Medina Ibex Head, 28th Dynasty, Gallatin Collection
Gallatin Bust. Ibex Head Statue.
Lion from Gebelein, First Dynasty, Gallatin Collection Mentuhotep III possibly, Gallatin Collection
Lion from Gebelein. Mentuhotep III bust.
Mirror, 28th Dynasty, Gallatin Collection Official, 28th Dynasty, Gallatin Collection
Mirror, 28th Dynasty. Official, 28th Dynasty.
Painmu and father It. Memphis Stele, 26th Dynasty, Gallatin Collection Twentyfifth Dynasty, Prince or Priest of Ptah
Stela of Painmu and his father It. 25th Dynasty Prince or Priest of Ptah.