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The title of General, (ancient Egyptian: imy-rꜣ-mšꜥ) literally Overseer of the Army, was a high military rank in ancient Egypt. The title could be held by multiple individuals who were in charge of a significant army force. Generals took part in war council and were subject to the Generalissimo (or Great Overseer of the Army) and of course to the Pharaoh. They had authority over troop commanders, through which they usually commanded their army. Generals were particularly skilled with bow and arrow and rode in chariots.

Overseer of the Army
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Military commanding offices[]

Generals also held more specific titles; the Overseer of the Archery controlled the archers, the Overseer of the Chariotry (also First Charioteer of His Majesty) controlled the charioteers, while the Admiral (also Chief of the King's Navy) was in charge of the navy sailors.

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