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God's Hand (ancient Egyptian: nṯr-ḏrt) is an ancient Egyptian honorific title which was often allocated to queens during the Eighteenth Dynasty. The title "God's Hand", as well as the similar queenly title "God's Wife", may "hint at a duty to provide the necessary feminine element in rituals designed to physically stimulate male gods".[1]

God's Hand

The title might refer to the hand that Atum used in the Heliopolitan creation myth to masturbate and father the gods. The hand, a femine word in ancient Egyptian language, personifies Atum's own feminine element.[1] The title "God's Hand" was held exclusively by the King's Mother, thus emphasizing an important sacred and symbolic duty as the earthly female companion of the creator god, who impregnated the queen with the Pharaoh. Ultimately serving as propaganda for the king to legitimize his claim to the throne.

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