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"May She Live"
Dynasty 17th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Rahotep (?) – Sobekemsaf I
Titles King's Wife
Spouse(s) Rahotep (?)
Issue Ameni
Burial Unknown

Haankhes (transliteration: ḥꜢ-Ꜥnḫ-s, meaning: "May She Live") was an ancient Egyptian King's Wife of the Seventeenth Dynasty during the Second Intermediate Period.


Haankhes' only known title is "King's Wife" (ḥmt-nỉswt).[1]

Family and Attestation[]

Haankhes is only known from a stela of her son, Prince Ameni. The stela was found in Coptos and it may be originally from Dendera; one half of it is in the Petrie Museum, the other is in the Pushkin Museum.[2] Ameni married Princess Sobekemheb, a daughter of Sobekemsaf I and Nubemhat.[3]

Pharaoh Rahotep is mentioned on a bow of a king's son Ameni dedicated to "the service of Min in all his feasts" at Coptos.[4][5] This Ameni might have been identical to Haankhes' son, in which case her husband was probably Rahotep.

It was once proposed she might have been a wife of Pharaoh Sekhemre-Heruhirmaat Intef or possibly Senakhtenre Ahmose, prior to some clarification of the family tree of the 17th Dynasty.[6] This is now very improbable, as she is placed in the same generation as Sobekemsaf I, who was likely the grandfather or great-grandfather of Intef.


The whereabouts of her tomb and mummy remain unknown.


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