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Period of
Old KingdomRoman Period
Cult center Hermopolis Magna
Titles "God of Millions of Years"
Symbol(s) Palm branch
Association Infinity, creation
Appearance Anthropoid, frog
Spouse(s) Hehet

Heh is the ancient Egyptian concept of infinity or eternity personified as a deity. His name originally meant "flood", referring to the watery chaos that the Egyptians believed existed before the creation of the world. The Egyptians envisioned this chaos as infinite, in contrast with the finite created world, so Heh personified this aspect of the primordial waters.

In the Hermopolitan cosmogony, Heh is the one of the eight deities of the Ogdoad representing primordial chaos from which the Primeval Mound appeared. He is coupled with the goddess Hehet as his female counterpart and wife.


Heh was usually depicted anthropomorphically, as a male figure with divine beard and lappet wig. Typically holding in each hand a notched palm branch (palm rib) and usually kneeling (one knee raised).

Like the other deities of the Ogdoad, his male form (Heh) was often depicted as a frog, or a frog-headed human, and his female form (Hehet) as a snake or snake-headed human. The frog head symbolised fertility, creation, and regeneration, and was also possessed by the other Ogdoad males Nun, Kek and Amun.

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