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Hereditary Princess or Iryt-Pat (transliteration: ỉry.t-pꜥt) is an ancient Egyptian honorific title referring to the heiress to the title King's Great Wife (i.e. Queen). The male version of the title is Crown Prince (iry-pꜥt). The title of Hereditary Princess was typically held by the secondly ranked wife of the Pharaoh. Since the rank of queen consort depended on her husband, the hereditary princess would only succeeded the queen if she predeceased their husband. If the pharaoh predeceased his queen, however, his successor's wife would simply become the new queen.

In rare cases the hereditary princess title could also be held by the principal wife of the Crown Prince, in which case the princess depended on her husband's ascend to the throne in order to become queen consort. Marrying the hereditary princess can elevate a male's position and strengthen their chances at becoming the next pharaoh.

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