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High Priest of Min or First Prophet of Min (ancient Egyptian: ḥm-nṯr-tpỉ-n-mnw) was an ancient Egyptian religious occupational title held by the highest-ranking priest in the priesthood of the god Min, which was situated at the temple of Min in Panopolis (modern: Akhmim). The office has been attested since the New Kingdom.

High Priest of Min


The title of High Priest of Min is rarely attested by officials. During the early 18th Dynasty reign of Thutmose III, the priesthood of Min with the office of High Priest of Min was situated at Coptos. During the reign of Amenhotep III, the cult of Min at Panopolis had become the god's most prominent. At the time, the renowned Yuya held the position of High Priest of Min.

During the reign of Ay, who was native to Panopolis, the High Priest of Min became prominent once more. At the time Nakhtmin held the office and was involved in Ay's contruction projects at the temple of Min in Panopolis, as well as at the Karnak temple complex at Thebes.[1]

List of High Priests of Min[]

The following High Priests of Min are known:

New Kingdom[]

High Priest Dynasty Pharaoh Comment
Nebpehtyre 18th Dynasty Thutmose III High Priest of Min at Coptos. Father of High Priest of Amun Mery.
Yuya 18th Dynasty Amenhotep III Father of Queen Tiye.
Nakhtmin 18th Dynasty Ay Also served as Overseer of the Works for temple construction at both Panopolis and Karnak.[1]
Minmose 19th Dynasty Seti I and Ramesses II Brother of High Priest of Amun Parennefer-Wennefer.

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