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High Priest of Onuris or First Prophet of Onuris (ancient Egyptian: ḥm-nṯr-tpỉ-n-ỉnḥrw) was an ancient Egyptian religious occupational title held by the highest-ranking priest in the priesthood of the god Onuris, which was situated at the temple of Onuris in Thinis. The office has been attested since the New Kingdom.

High Priest of Onuris

List of High Priests of Onuris[]

The following High Priests of Onuris are known:

High Priest Dynasty Pharaoh Comment
Nebseni 18th Dynasty Thutmose IV Known from his TT108 tomb.
Amenhotep 18th Dynasty Thutmose IV Known from a stela currently at the British Museum (EA 902).
Nebwenenef 19th Dynasty Seti I Was appointed High Priest of Amun under Pharaoh Ramesses II.[1]
Hori 19th Dynasty Ramesses II Son of High Priest of Amun Parennefer-Wennefer. Rose to the position of High Priest of Amun.[1]
Minmose 19th Dynasty Ramesses II Son of High Priest of Amun Hori.[1]
Anhurmose 19th Dynasty Merneptah[1][2]
Sishepset 20th Dynasty Ramesses III[2]
Horsaiset Mentioned on an ostracon from Abydos.[2]

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