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High Priest of Osiris or First Prophet of Osiris (ancient Egyptian: ḥm-nṯr tpỉ n wsr) was an ancient Egyptian religious occupational title held by the highest-ranking priest in the priesthood of the god Osiris, which was situated at the temple of Osiris in Abydos. The office has been attested since the early New Kingdom.

High Priest of Osiris

List of High Priests of Osiris[]

The following High Priests of Osiris are known:

High Priest Dynasty Pharaoh Comment
Nebwahwy 18th Dynasty Thutmose III
Heqanefer 18th Dynasty Thutmose III and
Amenhotep II
To 18th and 19th Dynasty Horemheb and
Ramesses I
Hat 19th Dynasty Ramesses I and
Seti I
Possibly brother-in-law of To.
Mery 19th Dynasty Ramesses I and
Seti I
Son of Hat and son-in-law of To.
Wenennefer 19th Dynasty Ramesses II Son of Mery.
Hori I 19th Dynasty Ramesses II Son of Wenennefer.
Yuyu 19th Dynasty Ramesses II and
Merneptah (?)
Son of Wenennefer.
Saiset 19th Dynasty Merneptah Son of Yuyu.
Hori II 20th Dynasty Ramesses III

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