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One of Horus
High Priest of Amun Successor:
Dynasty 19th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Ramesses II
Titles High Priest of Amun
High Priest of Onuris
Father Parennefer-Wenennefer
Mother Iset
Issue Minmose, Kanakhte
Burial Unknown
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Hori (transliteration: ḥry, "One of Horus") was a High Priest of Amun under Pharaoh Ramesses II of the 19th Dynasty during the New Kingdom. Prior to that, Hori had served as High Priest of Onuris under the same king.


Hori comes from a very well connected family documented on a family monument of his brother Amenemonet (Naples Museum 1069).[1] The monument records members of an extended family including Hori, his father Parennefer-Wenennefer and his grandparents Minhotep and Maia.[1]

Hori's father, Parennefer-Wenennefer, was High Priest of Onuris before rising to the position of High Priest of Amun at Karnak under Tutankhamun.[1] At that point, Hori's mother, Iset, became Chief of the Harem of Amun at Karnak. Hori was the eldest of four known sons and four daughters. Brothers include; Amenemonet, who became Chief of the Works; Amenemopet, who became High Priest of Ra at Heliopolis and Chief Steward; and Khaemwaset, who was a scribe of the sacred books at Karnak. Only one sister is known by name; Henutmehyt, who married the Steward of the Temple of Ptah.[1]

Hori had a son named Minmose, who succeeded him as High Priest of Onuris,[1] and another son called Kanakhte, who served as Overseer of the Chariotry.[2]


Hori is named as the High Priest of Onuris at Thinis on the monument of his brother Amenemonet.[1] He likely followed Nebwenenef in that office when the latter was made High Priest of Amun once Ramesses II rose to the throne.

The monuments of his son Kanakhte show that Hori also served as High Priest of Amun during the reign of Ramesses II, flourishing around Year 24. This places Hori in this office between Nebwenenef and Paser.[2]


The whereabouts of Hori's tomb and mummy remain unknown.


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High Priest of Amun
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