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Nome of Egypt
Alternative spelling: Heruwy/Netjerwy
"The Two Falcons"
Region Upper Egypt
Capital Coptos
Other sites Ombos, Deir el-Ballas, Iushenshen,
Apollonopolis Parva, Psenhyris, Pois
Main deities Min

Horwy ("The Two Falcons") was the fifth nome of Upper Egypt. The capital city of Horwy was the city Coptos. Another important town in the nome was Ombos (modern Naqada), the main cult place of the deity Set. A third important place was Iushenshen, which even became the nome's capital at the very end of the Old Kingdom until sometime during the First Intermediate Period.

Horwy was once politically important, but from the Eleventh Dynasty onwards, it was overshadowed by the nome of Waset.

Horwy is first mentioned in the tomb of Prince Netjeraperef at Dahshur, who dates to the early Fourth Dynasty.