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Heqa-Khasut (transliteration: ḥqꜣ-ḫꜣswt, meaning: "Ruler of Foreign Lands"), Hellenized as Hyksos (Ὑκσώς), is an ancient Egyptian honorific title typically associated with the Asiatic rulers that came to rule in Egypt as the Fifteenth Dynasty (c. 1650–1550 BC) during the latter half of the Second Intermediate Period. The seat of power of these kings was the city of Avaris in the eastern Nile Delta.


In Ancient Egypt, the term "Heqa-Khasut" was also used to refer to various Nubian and especially Asiatic rulers both before and after the Fifteenth Dynasty. It was used at least since the Sixth Dynasty (c. 2345–2181 BC) to designate chieftains from the Levant.

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