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"His Father Brought Him"
Dynasty 13th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Amenemhat VIufni (?)
Titles King's Son
Father Amenemhat V (?)[1]
Issue Amenemhat VI (?)[1]
Burial Unknown
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Intef (transliteration: ỉnt-f, meaning: "His Father Brought Him") was an ancient Egyptian Prince of the Thirteenth Dynasty during the Second Intermediate Period. Intef is known from his attestation as "King's Son, Antef" on scarab seals dated on stylistic ground to the 13th Dynasty. He might have become Pharaoh, in which case he would be identical to Intef IV.


In his studies of the Second Intermediate Period, Danish Egyptologist Kim Ryholt places prince Intef early in the 13th Dynasty as the son of Pharaoh Amenemhat V and father of Pharaoh Amenemhat VI. He bases this on the latter king's name Ameni-Intef-Amenemhat, which he – like with many other pharaohs of this dynasty – interprets as a patronym, meaning "Amenemhat, son of Antef, son of Ameny". The name thus providing three generations; son-father-grandfather.


The whereabouts of Intef's tomb and mummy remain unknown.


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