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Nome of Egypt
Alternative spelling: Iq/Meseḥ
Region Upper Egypt
Capital Tentyris
Other sites Kaine
Main deities Hathor

Iqer ("Crocodile") was the sixth nome of Upper Egypt. The capital city of Iqer was the city Tentyris. The name of the nome was written with the sign of a crocodile. The reading of this sign is not certain, Iq is another option. The crocodile god originally worshipped here was replaced very early by the goddess Hathor, who is called lady of Iq. Besides the capital Tentyris, where Hathor was worshipped, another settlement called Kaine is known to have been situated within the nome.

The nome is already mentioned in a Fourth Dynasty inscription dating from the reign of the Pharaoh Sneferu. In the Ptolemaic (Greco-Roman) period, the nome was called Tentyrites, after its capital Tentyris.