Isetnofret is one of the great royal wives of Ramesses II.She is the mother of his children Ramesses the prince,Princess-Queen Bintanah,Prince Khaemwaset,and Pharaoh Merneptah.She must have married Ramesses II before he came to the throne as Pharaoh.Cause her oldest children are shown in scenes in Seti I reign.She became Chief Royal wife after Nefertari death.Most Items showing Queen Isetnofret show her with her to be associated with her sons Prince Ramesses,Prince Khaemwaset,and Pharoah Merneptah.Queen Isetnofret's titles are hereditary princess,great of praises,kings mother,mistress of the entire two lands,kings wife,and great kings wife.She is on a register with her husband Pharaoh Ramesses II and son Prince Khaemwaset before Khnum.

Isetnofret is shown on stela at Aswan on the register there with her husband and daughter and sons.It shows them before the god Khnum.

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