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"Iset is Beautiful"
Dynasty 19th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Ramesses IIMerenptah
Titles King's Daughter
Father Khaemwaset
Spouse(s) Merenptah (?)
Issue Seti II (?), Merenptah (?),
Khaemwaset (?), Isetnofret (?)
Burial Saqqara (?)

Isetnofret ("Beautiful Iset") was an ancient Egyptian noble lady of the Nineteenth Dynasty during the New Kingdom. She was the daughter of Prince Khaemwaset and hence a granddaughter of Pharaoh Ramesses II and Queen Isetnofret I.


It is possible that she was identical with Pharaoh Merenptah's Queen Isetnofret II. However, it is also possible that this queen was Pharaoh Ramesses II and Queen Isetnofret I's daughter, also called Isetnofret.[1] Isetnofret II is not attested with the title King's Daughter, which she would have used if she was the daughter of Ramesses II.[1] Isetnofret II also had a son named after Khaemwaset, which further suggests that he was her father.


Isetnofret is Khaemwaset's only known daughter and her mother's identity remain unknown. Her father was High Priest of Ptah and Crown Prince during the latter part of his life. Isetnofret had two brothers named Ramesses and Hori, who both served as Sem Priests of Ptah. Ultimately it was Hori who followed in their father's footsteps and became High Priest of Ptah.

If Isetnofret was the same person as Queen Isetnofret II, she married her uncle Merenptah and became his Great Wife (i.e. Queen). Their sons would be Seti II, Merenptah, Khaemwaset and they possibly had a daughter also named Isetnofret. Seti II later succeeded his father as pharaoh.


Isetnofret was probably born and raised at Memphis during the reign of her grandfather, Ramesses II. She appears on two monuments close to her father. On a statue of Khaemwaset found at Medinet Madi she is shown on the back pillar and called "daughter of his body". On a relief found at Saqqara she is called his beloved daughter and "King's Daughter", the latter of which should be interpreted as king's granddaughter.


Isetnofret was most likely buried at Saqqara, the Memphite necropolis, close to a monument dedicated to Khaemwaset. There a tomb was discovered in 2009 with a huge limestone sarcophagus that is inscribed for the "noble woman" Isetnofret. The place of the tomb next to the building dedicated to Khaemwaset, makes it very likely that this is the burial of his daughter Isetnofret.[2] If she was interred here, she cannot be Queen Isetnofret II. Though, Zahi Hawass dated it earlier to the Eighteenth Dynasty.


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