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Isetnofret II
"Isis is Beautiful"

Isetnofret II depicted on the side of a statue of Merenptah.

Dynasty 19th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Ramesses IIMerenptah
Titles King's Great Wife
Lady of the Two Lands
Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt
Father Ramesses II or Khaemwaset
Mother Isetnofret I (?)
Spouse(s) Merenptah
Issue Seti II, Merenptah, Khaemwaset,
Isetnofret (?)
Burial Saqqara (?)
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Isetnofret II (ancient Egyptian: st-nfr.t, "Isis is Beautiful") was the Queen of Pharaoh Merenptah of the Nineteenth Dynasty during the New Kingdom.


The identification of the Isetnofret - who married Pharaoh Merenptah and became his Queen - is unclear since there are two likely candidates;


The titles Isetnofret II held during her husband's reign are; "King's Great Wife" (ḥmt-niswt-wrt), "Lady of the Two Lands" (nb.t-tꜣwy), "Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt" (ḥnw.t-šmꜥw-mḥw), and "King's Wife" (ḥmt-niswt).[1]

Isetnofret II is not attested with the title "King's Daughter" (zꜣ.t-niswt), which she would use if she was the daughter of Ramesses II.[2]


Isetnofret II married her brother or uncle Merenptah and became his queen consort. Their sons are Seti II, Merenptah and Khaemwaset. They possibly also had a daughter named Isetnofret. Her son Seti II would later succeed her husband as pharaoh.

Biography and Attestations[]

Isetnofret II was born and raised during the reign of her (grand)father, Ramesses II. If she was the daughter of Khaemwaset, she probably grew up in Memphis, otherwise, she grew up in the eastern Nile Delta city of Pi-Ramesses.

As queen consort of Merenptah, Isetnofret II is depicted on a statue usurped from Amenhotep III. Two stelae of the Vizier Panehesy at Gebel el-Silsila also depict her. The first stela is situated across the Chapel of Panehesy and depicts Merenptah, Queen Isetnofret II, Seti-Merenptah, and the vizier, before Amun-Re and Ptah.[3] The other stela situated in the Gallery of the Speos of Horemheb depicts Merenptah followed by Isetnofret II and the vizier as they offer an image of the goddess Ma'at to Amen-Re and Mut.[4] A statuette dedicated by the Vizier Panehesy at Gebel el Silsila also depicts her.


The wherabouts of Isetnofret II's tomb and mummy remain unknown. If she was the daughter of Khaemwaset, she may have been buried at Saqqara, the Memphite necropolis. The tomb of a royal lady named Isetnofret was discovered in Saqqara during 2009 excavations by Waseda University.[5]


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