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"Amenemhat I, Seizer of the Two Lands"
Location Unknown
Region Lower Egypt
Nome Aneb-Hedj
Founder Amenemhat I
Founded ca. 1970 BCE
Abandoned ca. 1650 BCE
Main deities Amun, Sobek

Amenemhat-Itjtawy (ancient Egyptian: ỉmn-m-ḥt-ỉṯtꜣwy, "Amenemhat I, Seizer of the Two Lands") or simply Itjtawy is an Ancient Egyptian city on the west bank of the Nile, located in Lower Egypt. It was founded by Amenemhat I of the Twelfth Dynasty as the new capital city of Egypt (previously Thebes). As capital, Itjtawy probably also succeeded Memphis as the provincial capital of Aneb-Hedj, the first nome of Lower Egypt. However, at the end of the Thirteenth Dynasty during the Second Intermediate Period, Itjtawy was abandoned and the capital moved back to Thebes. Memphis was thus restored as the most prominent city in the region of Aneb-Hedj.

As yet, the exact location of the royal city remains unidentified. Itjtawy is known to have been located somewhere between Memphis and the Faiyum Oasis and documentation exists that its cemeteries were located at el-Lisht, el-Lahun, and Dahshur.

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