Ancient Egypt Wiki
Dynasty 18th Dynasty
Pharaoh(s) Tutankhamun
Titles Chantress of Min and Isis
Spouse(s) Ay (?)
Issue Nakhtmin, Nefertiti (?),
Mutbenret (?)
Burial Unknown

Iuy (ancient Egyptian: ỉwy) was a noble lady of the Eighteenth Dynasty during the New Kingdom.


Iuy is only known from a single statue of Nakhtmin, at which she is named and shown to be his mother. Her titles are given as "Chantress of Min" and "Chantress of Isis" and she resided at Panopolis.[1]

Some scholars suggest that Pharaoh Ay was Nakhtmin's father, in which case Iuy would have likely been Ay's first wife before he married Tey and before he ascended to the throne. Queen Nefertiti is often thought to be Ay's daughter.[citation needed] But his wife Tey is attested as her wet nurse, not her mother.[citation needed] If Iuy was indeed an earlier wife of Ay, she may well have been the mother of Nefertiti and her known sister Mutbenret.

Alternatively, Van Dijk suggested that Nakhtmin was Ay's grandson,[1] while other scholars have suggested that he was Ay's adoptive son.[citation needed]


The whereabouts of Iuy's tomb and mummy remain unknown. She might have been buried at the necropolis of Panopolis. If she really was Ay's wife, she could have been interred in western Thebes or even at Amarna.


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